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Lamoureux Online :)

Posted on March 8, 2016 at 2:45 PM

Woohoo!!! We are so exicited to launch our new website.The purpose of the website will be to share who we are with the rest of the world( big ambition) and to utilize the site in staying in touch with parents,guardians,family members and of course staff and clients. We will be blogging once a month or so keeping everyone updated on the happenings at Lamoureux.We will also be sharing highlights and special occasions as they come along. Thanks to all the parents/guardians and individuals who have agreed to having pictures put up for sharing, please feel free to email us any new pics you would like to share at any time.

The website will be a project in motion we are very new at this adventure and will be learning as we go. Please continue to check in as we will be forever building and updating our site.

Feel free to send us your thoughts or comments and any questions you may have utilizing the comment section under the Contact page.

Untill next time :)

Jody & Helena 

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